Friday, October 25, 2013

Wonderful Reviews of "Thimble Kisses"

I bought this wonderful book for my great-niece. I read it when I got it, and it is beyond amazing! I just know this is going to be one of her new favorites! It is sweet and touching and just a wonderful story of the innocence of children's love!! I recommend it to anyone who has children! I even plan on getting my niece a thimble to go along with the book. I just can not say enough about this heart-warming story! A MUST have - simply put!~Darlene K.

With Thimble Kisses, Crystal Clifton gives young children a thoughtful Christmas story. Six-year-old Andy watches his mother sew. He wants to give her a special present and asks his father to take him to the fabric store.When Andy's mother cries, he thinks she doesn't like his gift. But it is with tears of joy she shares her thimble kisses.This tender story helps children find thoughtful ways to express their love. ~ Jean Tracy, author of Character Building: Divorce Stories and Strategies to Help Your Child Heal

 This book is just adorable. I wasn't quiet sure I'd want to read it now, it seems more Holiday themed. However, I must say-its mommy themed. Its all about the love one boy has and shared with his mom, and his family. It showcases the family values you can truly instill in your children, the love you can share forever on, and that sometimes the simplest of gifts are the best. Way to go Andy! And good job mommy passing them off as each child left (tears-I never want that day to come!).The illustrations are hand-drawn, which adds an element to the book that newer styles don't have, and it certainly increases the value of the story. I also love the way the words were chosen, the format, and the details (especially at the store). 5 star quality all around.This really is an adorable book, all families and children will love it! Can't wait for my boys to review. <3
Can't wait to read more from Crystal Clifton.~ Candice C.

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